Loome Laupäev

Love & Life

Meaning of life
well to me it is a person-
a person who makes every place feel like home
just because they are with you
This person is not the meaning of life
they just know how to give life a meaning
A meaning so deep-
It makes you want to stay
The feeling of home when you are with them-
so safe, you just start to enjoy even the smallest of things in life.
You just start to feel the joy of life

My dear friend
that is love-
love in the purest form

-Getlin Sosi
The stars in my eyes…
Never thought they could align with yours.
Until I got to know you…
There were sparks that started a fire-
a fire so warm it made me forget time.
It sucked me into a void so good
so safe-
I hope I never get out of it.
The butterflies who fly
so gentle and soft-
make me feel such excitement.
Feelings like I´ve never felt
so new and fun.
Just genuine happiness.
Pure love.

-Getlin Sosi

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